Over Fall Break a handful of UKirkers went to Columbia, South Carolina to help with the flood relief efforts. The first day we were there, we shoveled sand into a hole that the flood had caused. The next day, we raked sand that we then shoveled into a hole. I had gone on this mission trip with grand ideas of changing the world, and impacting lives in a tremendous way… instead I was filling up holes with sand. I felt defeated. But the thing I didn’t understand was those holes were bigger than just piles of dirt.  What just seemed like filling a hole to me, meant the world to the people we were helping.

This flood created destruction beyond the physical the flood waters. There were holes that extended beyond those left within yards. It created holes of destruction and loss within the hearts of those affected. By filling that hole, a task I saw as meaningless, we were able to give these people back the hope the flood waters had washed away.

We would have not been able to do this without financial support of the churches that so graciously gave to this mission. On behalf of everyone in Columbia whose holes we filled, thank you.