by Seth Eriksen

As students at the University of Alabama have descended upon the town and gotten back into the swing of things, UKirk has also taken Tuscaloosa by storm. Members of the student ministry have been participating in back-to-back events in their first week back, and UKirk’s momentum isn’t finished just yet.

Starting with the Welcome Back Wednesday event at UPerk on the first day of classes, UKirk started right away to show that they were back in action. Old friends mingled about, meeting fresh faces and enjoying all that the café has to offer. That Saturday, UKirkers had a blast at the annual lake party, soaking up the sun and spending as much time in the water as possible. At the beginning-of-the-year planning meeting we also unveiled the new vision for the College Leadership Crew, making UKirk’s planning team more organized and efficient in serving our students. Finally, the First Week Frenzy came to a close with Bama Days, with the first worship of the year led by the inspirational Audrey Webb, followed by incredible meals at restaurants around town.

This last Tuesday night, September 4th, UKirk returned for its first regular service of the year. Worship began promptly at 6:38, followed by a complimentary home-cooked meal like every Tuesday. A couple of students were also on campus that night to help out at the UKirk table at Get On Board Day, encouraging students to give our ministry a try. UPerk had a table right next door, handing out drinks and getting the word out about the café and its mission.

Just because the first week is over doesn’t mean that UKirk has run out of steam just yet. On Friday, September 7th, UKirk will have our overnight Kickoff Retreat. Students will take a trip outside of town to the beautiful countryside, where they will be able to strengthen new relationships and experience some incredible views of the night sky. There will be plenty of good food, fun activities, and great people, all for the cost of $10.

There will be plenty of events continuing through the semester as well. On October 4th will be Fall Fest, which will include an assortment of autumn dishes as well as bobbing for apples. During the fall, UPerk and UKirk will host the Beans & Brews block party in partnership with Loosa Brews. College Sunday will take place in November at First Presbyterian Church of Tuscaloosa, with the college students leading worship and recognizing all of the contributions the church makes for them.

Buckle up, because the 2018-2019 school year for UKirk has already begun. Make sure to stop by UPerk every Tuesday night at 6:38 for weekly services, and remember that the café is open every day for you to relax, socialize, or maybe just grab a cup of coffee or a bite to eat. We’re just getting started.