“So, when are y’all going to open?”

That’s the million dollar question, the one we’ve been asked any number of times. Each time, the response has been a little different. When we started this thing, it was Fall 2015. Then Winter 2016. Spring 2016. Sometime in the Summer. Maybe Fall. And now, it’s late Fall/early Winter.

Here’s the truth: I don’t know precisely when we’ll open, but it’s only a matter of time. Things are coming together fast. We’re in the final stretch of our design phase; numerous community partnerships have been forged; we’ll be starting a significant fundraising campaign in the next month; our board is up and running; and, in case you didn’t notice, our website has launched.

July and August are big, big months for UPerk. There are all kinds of announcements in the works, plans in the making, and exciting things in store. I know I’m not being too specific here, but just stay tuned. UPerk isn’t far away, and soon, the million dollar question need be asked no more.