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When will they include ALL countries that are Fifa sanctioned? I"m sure EA can pack all this information within one Blueray disc. That way you everybody can play every continent's cup FIFA 23 coins. Also, you can have a real qualifying league/tournaments leading to the World Cup.

Every year we look at new leagues and teams – and when we can we sign them up. Unfortunately the area of licensing is very complicated – sometime no one owns the rights to something, and other times multiple parties do. EA SPORTS, and the FIFA team do take the issue of licensing seriously and really do invest a lot of time and effort in securing as much as possible. It's not about disc space. It's about legalities and money I'm afraid.

Please tell me about the cleats used in the game. Are they all authentic or stupid EA cleats? Are all the strikers still wearing the red Nike's because they looked bloody awful in the game. Also please take a look at all the kits because some of them were wrong last year. Like the yellow Arsenal kit had black lettering instead of red and things like that.

We use a large number of licensed football boots – FIFA 23 will have something like 38 licensed boots, of which 33 are new. You'll only be able to select around 29 of them though for legal reasons. All the kit manufactures provide us with reference for how their kits are going to look and we make them before they're available in the real world. The manufacturers all get signoff for those kits too – so we actually submit the kit to Arsenal before the game leaves to be manufactured. We very rarely make mistakes – and always do our best to correct them when we spot them buy FUT 23 coins.


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