To say that my first semester as a Bama UKirk intern has been busy is quite an understatement. Between three interns, one campus minister, fourteen planning team members, numerous college students and countless others, UKirk has thrived on the University of Alabama’s campus. We have grown and changed throughout the years, but we continue to worship and break bread together every Tuesday night.

Although there are many things that I am excited about this year in UKirk, I am quite passionate about our fall mission trip. After significant flooding destroyed parts of Columbia, South Carolina and left many people without a home, food, or running water, Bama UKirk decided to help. During fall break nine UKirk students will travel to Columbia to partner with Shandon Presbyterian Church to volunteer in the community to assist flood victims. Over the course of the week we will do yard work, build a deck and repair a home. We will live together for 5 days, cooking meals together, serving the community, and developing friendships with the University of South Carolina UKirk students.

Our mission trip to Columbia will be fun, exciting, tiring, and incredibly rewarding. I am thrilled to have the chance to help out so many people in need. The intention and desire that multiple UKirk students have to want to help has made me more and more grateful for this community of faith that I am lucky to be a part of. It is amazing to know that although we come from different places and state lines separate us, we can reach out and come together to be one body of faith that supports each other.

I am excited to lead this group on such a wonderful trip, but I am also looking forward to seeing how our experience will change Bama UKirk. I believe that we will walk away from Columbia with a grateful and open heart. Not only will we serve and grow together, but this opportunity will also strengthen our group as we are working to strengthen the Columbia community.