I am in a class entitled “Tourism and Amusement.” In that class, we study amusement parks, and national parks and ways in which Americans “amuse” themselves.  The whole concept of how tourism started was that Americans would work extremely hard during the week in their jobs and then needed a way to escape and relax. A lot of early advertisements emphasized that this recreation was “deserved.”

It makes sense, someone works hard, they deserve a break. In fact, they “earned” a break! I feel like most people buy into this concept. If you work hard you deserve compensation for your work and eventually a break from that work. But does this same logic apply to God’s work? God calls us to do his “work” everyday by serving him and serving others.  He calls us to do this without any pay; we do not get a day where this is no longer our call.

So far, God looks like the worst employer ever! I’m surprised churches haven’t formed labor unions under these conditions! But as I began to think about this idea, more I realized the answer was right in front of me.

This isn’t our “job” as Christians, this is our call. A job implies set hours but a call means an intentional living of life in God’s ways. You don’t get to turn it on or off; there isn’t a kill switch.  When we look at God’s work as a job we allow ourselves to think that eventually our work will be done, but I think this is a misconception.

During this internship, at times it has been hard. I have felt overwhelmed and frustrated. Haven’t I worked hard enough?  Or shouldn’t I get a break? I saw my internship as a job. I saw going into the ministry as a job. But it’s not. God never intended for us to work for him, he never wanted to employ us in a job. He called us to love one another, and that work never ends. A job has times where you are no longer working. A call is forever.